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YERUVÁ | Blood meal


Yeruvá is blood of Bovine and Porcine origin dried by spray method, produced from fresh whole blood obtained from the slaughter in establishments authorized by SENASA, an agri-food control agency in the Argentine Republic. Made with high standards of quality, traceability and strict hygienic control to ensure the absence of pathogens.



Poultry: Use Yeruvá incorporated 2 to 3% to the feed. The inclusion of the product has positive effects on weight gain, conversion rate and food consumption.

Pigs: Yeruvá is a product of choice in the formulation of balanced feed for pigs, mainly piglets, due to its high protein content, very good nutritional profile and digestibility. The high content of iron available (2200 mg / kg) helps to meet the daily needs of piglets. It can be incorporated at the level of 2 to 3% of the diet.

Fish: Ingredient of high nutritional value to incorporate in diets for Fish and Shrimp. Due to its highly controlled processing system, it places it as one of the main alternative raw materials for fishmeal replacement in diets that need high protein and very good digestibility, especially in Salmonids where the inclusion of vegetable protein is limited.

Inclusion (5%) of Yeruvá in fish diets shows improvements in daily weight gain and feed conversion.

Pets: Having no allergens and being highly palatable and digestible, it is a protein source of choice in
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