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LEVAYER | Baking powder


Brewer's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) powder dried spray method, obtained after the end of fermentation of the malt, centrifugally separated. Made with high standards of quality and traceability, where the process of dehydration by controlled atomization, allows to maintain the physical-chemical and biological functional properties of yeasts.

LEVAYER is a highly digestible protein recommended for starter diets (Pigs, Poultry and Bovines), including fish and pets, with multiple benefits on the intestinal response and integrity, improving nutrient absorption.

It has an important level of essential amino acids, starch and sugars, as well as phosphorus and vitamins of group B, becoming an alternative of first choice to replace protein of animal origin in high performance diets.



Poultry: Being a natural growth promoter and improving immunity in birds, this product achieves better fattening performance, increasing daily weight gain and feed conversion. Inclusion in this species is 2 to 4%.

Pigs: The inclusion of LEVAYER in piglet diets (4 to 8%) is a good complement to plasma, since they share functional properties. It will significantly improve intestinal health, growth of intestinal villi, digestibility of nutrients, much needed in this category of constant stress. In the feeding of sows in lactation, it greatly improves the production of the sow, improving the weights of the piglets at birth, the milk production, uniformity and weight of the litters at weaning. Inclusion in food for sows 4 to 10%.

Fish: Source of natural protein and balanced in amino acids with functional properties that favor the use in aquaculture. LEVAYER is a protein alternative for the replacement of heavy flour and vegetables, both in fish and shrimp food.

Pets: LEVAYER as an additive in food for dogs and cats, favors the digestive process, increasing the use of food and reducing diarrhea. It also increases the vitality of pets and their resistance to diseases. LEVAYER improves the palatability of food, producing better consumption by pets. Not having allergens, it is a protein source of choice in Premium foods.





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