The protection of the environment is one of the most considered topics of value in recent decades. Our commitment is environmental care, implementing a management plan that guarantees sustainability and development in harmony with our environment.

Environment Environment

The Protection of the Environment represents for YERUVA S.A. an indispensable condition in the industrial processes, development, production and commercialization of its products and services; guaranteeing compliance with current legal regulations and carrying out an integral and permanent management on environmental issues. The company works multidisciplinary in the preservation and care of the Environment, and has assumed this commitment within its policies. YERUVA S.A. has an Environment Area under the orbit of its Quality Department for the treatment, planning and execution of all the procedures related to this aspect, implemented Works Plans to comply with the demands and continuous improvements in environmental matters. These actions have been integrated with other systems for the implementation of standards (GMP - POES - MIP - HACCP - Safety and Hygiene - etc.), through a team of professionals who monitor the legal compliance established by the competent authorities.