We are convinced that one of the keys to success lies in the value of our people. We value effort, knowledge and teamwork as important factors to enhance human and professional conditions, because from our origins has been part of our work philosophy. Committed to these values, we foster a positive, harmonious work environment aligned with the objectives.

About Us About Us

YERUVA S.A. is an expanding company, founded in 1995. It is located in the Central Argentine Region, with extensive experience in the research and development of functional proteins; whose main purpose is to obtain high quality protein products with high nutritional value for the most demanding markets. It is led and staffed by a professional team oriented to the needs and success of our clients, and committed to environmental protection. 

During the last years YERUVA S.A. has developed processes for the treatment of bovine, porcine and avian blood in completely separate production lines, obtaining plasma; hemoglobin; blood meal dried by spray with high protein values, as well as blood linguators in powder for the elaboration of blood sausages; concentrated in pasteurized heme iron as a fortifier in diets, etc. It also has partially demineralized and re-greased milk powder, dried beer yeast spray, as other products, developments and hydrolysates based on raw materials of vegetable origin.

Our products are manufactured in four production units, strategically located in the central Argentine region, optimizing access to the best raw materials and offering an efficient distribution chain to meet the needs of customers.


Starts productive activities.

1998 First export, Chilean market

Starts operations at its concentred bile plant for the production of colic acids.


Inaugurates BIOPROT S.A., a model plant for the production of BOVINE FETAL SERUM.


Starts up an intermediate plant in RIO CUARTO (Córdoba), for conditioning and concentration of the raw material.


Inaugurates a new production unit in CAPITAN BERMUDEZ (Rosario-Santa Fe) for the production of bio-preserved Avian blood.


Productive alliance in La Pampa for the elaboration of meat-blood by products, installing a new spray method drying line.


Starts elaboration of dairy by products in a new productive unit, within the industrial facility in Esperanza, Santa Fe.


Starts the process of a by product of breweries, obtaining BREWERS YEAST in powder by Spray drying method.


Building of a pilot plant for the development of new protein and nutritional products.


Inaugurates the productive unit N ° 3 inside the Esperanza facility to produce nutritional bases for industrial use.


A productive alliance is formed to process the production of the slaughterhouse in Campo Andino, Santa Fe.


Start of a productive alliance to process the production of a slaughterhouse group in Alcira Gigena, Córdoba.