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YERHEM | Bovine Hemoglobin Powder


Hemoglobin of Bovine origin dried spray method, produced from chilled whole blood obtained from the bovine slaughter of establishments authorized by SENASA, an agrifood control body in the Argentine Republic. Elaborated by means of a whole blood centrifugation process, it is separated from the plasma for its subsequent drying, YERHEM is a protein source obtained with high standards of quality and traceability, where the controlled atomization dehydration process allows to achieve a high digestibility protein Used in food for poultry, pigs, pets and fish.



Poultry: The high content of amino acids provides advantages in the inclusion in diets for birds, mainly starting diets where high digestibility is needed to achieve high performance in the first weeks of life. incorporate (2 to 2.5%) into the balanced food during the first weeks of life.

Pigs: Incorporating YERHEM in the starting diets allows to produce balanced food with a high level of digestible protein, achieving a rapid absorption of amino acid in the small intestine, preventing undigested protein from reaching the large intestine. Inclusion in this species is 1 to 3%.

Fish: Alternative for fishmeal replacement. The high content of essential amino acids for fish allows YEREHEM to be used at all stages, both for temperate and cold water fish, improving weight increases and conversion efficiency. The high digestibility allows to elaborate all type of food for fish, reducing the residues in the water, improving the quality of the aquatic sediment.

Pets: Product of choice in diets for pets, due to its high palatability and high digestibility.
Inclusion in diets improves food consumption, also coloration. It is an ingredient that does not have
allergens, or biogenic amines, which allows it to be used in Premium Foods.





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