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YERALBUM UF 16 | Bovine Plasma Powder


YERALBUM UF 16 is produced from chilled whole blood obtained from bovine or swine slaughter of establishments authorized by SENASA, an agri-food control agency in the Argentine Republic.

Made with high standards of quality and traceability, where the process of concentration by ultrafiltration and nanofiltration and subsequent dehydration by atomization, which guarantees the preservation of the functional properties, solubility and availability of proteins.



Poultry: incorporate (1% to 2%) to the balanced feed during the first 10 to 15 days of life. The inclusion significantly reduces the mortality in the lots, improves conversion rates and increases the slaughter weight.

Pigs: The use of plasma in start-up diets is indisputable. The inclusion from the first days of life at the foot of the mother, achieves a notable reduction in maternity mortality, weight gain at weaning, uniformity and better litter weight. Continue the inclusion until 25 days after weaning, it will allow a good consumption of food, improvement in the nutritional conversion, better health of the piglet with high performances at the exit of rearing. Inclusion levels in the feed are between 3 and 8%, depending on the age and weight of the piglet.
The inclusion of Yeralbum UF 16 in the feeding of sows in lactation, greatly improves the production of the sow, increasing the consumption of food and milk production in the summer period.

Fish: Yeralbum UF 16, in combination with other blood products of Yeruvá, is the best replacement alternative in diets for fish that need high protein and very good digestibility, especially in Salmonids where the inclusion of vegetable protein is limited.

Pets: Yeralbum UF 16 is used in pet diets due to its high digestibility, nutritional profile
adequate and improvements in the palatability of food. Improves the fur of the animal.


Not having allergens, it is a protein source of choice in Premium foods. Yeralbum UF 16 has binding and gelling power to be used in cooked wet foods.





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