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LH-26 | WPC + Hydrolyzed Lactose


LH 26® is a fine poder free of lumps and particles of different coloration; similar in appearance to pale cream skim milk powder, dairy- flavored and free of strong smells.

Does not contain preservatives, dyes or flavors.

It is elaborated from soluble soluble milk proteins (WPC - Whey Protein Centrate), and partially hydrolyzed lactose (min 50%), pasteurized and spray dried.

All batches are subjected to strict quality controls.



FOR ICE CREAMS AND DERIVATIVES: It can be used for the total or partial replacement of solids and milk fat, improving the rheology of the mix to be processed and the characteristics of the final product.  Advantages:

  • Low crystallization due to the depreciation of the amount of lactose.
  • Provides stability due to its network formation structure.
  • Increases air retention (Overrun).
  • Produces smoother and creamier textures.
  • Provides dairy flavor without increasing the salty note.


FOR CHOCOLATES AND SUBSTITUTES: It is used to replace cheese whey, buttermilk, whey, milk solids, lactose, etc. The product is compatible with: Using LH 12 softer flavors are obtained, improving the use of flavors. Residues of roughness are eliminated by crystallization of lactose, longer life and stability in rancidity, increased crack and contraction properties and decreased risk of syneresis.

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