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MORCIYER | Protein Binder


MORCIYER ® is produced from fresh whole blood, obtained from the bovine slaughter of establishments authorized by SENASA, the official agri-food control agency in the Argentine Republic.

It is a substitute for liquid bovine blood, traditionally used to make black pudding, with the most demanding quality and food safety standards. The blood is collected with anticoagulant and cooled, and then dried by the spray drying method. The process guarantees a minimum denaturation of the proteins, maintaining their solubility in water. On the other hand, the product is heat treated by a dry controlled pasteurization process guaranteeing the absence of pathogenic microorganisms.



  • Elaboration of black pudding  dissolving 1 kg of this product in 5 or 7 liters of warm water or room temperature.
  • It gels by heating between 75 and 85 °C  giving stable and consistent gels in about 15 minutes.

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